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custom web applications

A web application is a program that is made use of by means of web browser over a network i.e. the Internet or Intranet. It is also known as wbapp in software engineering. Web Application is a software program coded in browser-supported language i.e. HTML, JavaScript, Java and depends on a common web browser enabling the web application to run.

Thus Programming Web Applications is very significant due to universality of web browsers and the expediency of using a web browser as a client also known as thin client. The capability to renew and retain web applications without distributing and installing software on potentially large number of client computers is reason behind their success. The main web applications are webmail, online retail sales, online auctions and wikis.

Have you ever discovered a really neat application on a website that you thought would greatly enhance your own site?
custom web applicationsMaybe it was a simple database driven table that contained information about a product, or maybe it was a dynamic photo gallery that interface with a database for management of photos. If there is one thing we can do... it is provide you with a custom application that meets your needs, while remaining user friendly and easy to maintain. Our passion is creating custom web applications from scratch. ComLand Design has been producing custom web applications for the last years. We have developed rich media applications to serve numerous roles. If you are looking for a custom application, or if you have an application that you want to mimick, we can provide the right solution for you. We specialize in custom Joomla component applications to interface with your existing or newly designed site.

We employ the latest technologies to keep your project relevant and current including: HTML 5, CSS 3, Twitter bootstrap for responsive mobile compatibility, codeigniter rapid development framework for organized and user friendly code and Jquery for high quality custom user interactivity.

Some of the benefits of a custom web applications development

  • Custom web applications help fulfill specific business needs:

An experienced custom web development and design expert will listen carefully and keenly about your business plans, needs and requirements. Then will design and develop web applications unique and suitable to your type of business to help achieve your goals easily and fast.

  • An expert designed and built website assures speedy business growth and success:custom php application development

A trained and experienced website designer will ensure that your site is functionally sound from the onset. Every tool, resource and application needed to help find immense success on the internet will have been installed and tested before the big launch.
Remember; custom-built solutions provide business with the capability to use dimensions unique and relevant to its niche market and industry circumstances.

  • Custom built web applications help improve productivity:

Web applications help automate business processes to improve productivity. The more you develop web applications relevant to your industrial output requirements the more you reduce reliance on manual labor. This leads to lower salary bill and other overheads.

  • A custom web development and design helps you to automate business processes and improve efficiency:web development applications

To move you business to the next level you need to rely more on automated productivity systems. Business automation means improved efficiency, time savings and reduces productivity errors. A properly automated business environment results in reduced operational costs, less manual tasks and improved levels of reliance on technology.

  • Improve customer experience:

A properly designed and built website ensures that visitors enjoy their time on your business site because it’s easy to find what they are looking for. The easy of navigation and a efficient layout helps to attract and keep visitors on the site for longer.

  • Custom web applications help to improve return on investment:web development custom applications

It’s an obvious fact that improved efficiency, productivity and lowered costs will resort in enormous savings. When properly designed, built and implemented, high-tech solutions provide business with significant inroads in marketing intelligence, decision-making and business growth. The end result is an improved revenue generation system.

  • Helps save money, time and resources:

Working with an experienced and expert custom web applications developer as many important advantages and benefits but the best of them all is that you get things done right the first time out.