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custom photoshop services

We’ve all seen the magical things that can be done with Photoshop. And we’ve all had photos that turned out badly that we wish we could fix. Here at ComLand Design we offer photo retouching, enhancement, and manipulation services.

We understand the importance of attractive images for your business and therefore provide best possible image editing services to bring out the most satisfying results. We have developed long run experience in a wide range of multimedia and graphical support services to ensure upbeat quality and minimum turnaround time.

Photo retouching services

Original photographs are rarely perfect! Even though shots and locations are carefully selected, there are flaws which need correction. It doesn't only take a few mouse clicks to change a horrible photograph into something very glamorous and perfect. With many of the hassles and hurdles involved, digital photo enhancement is certainly not the bed of roses.

With a solid experience in fashion and commercial photo retouching, we at ComLand Design provide all types of photo retouch and image retouching services for a variety of purposes. The services include color & light correction, skin texture improvement, shadow and marks removal, changing background, background enhancement, enhancing features, body slimming, posture correction, red eye removal, glamorization and adding the oomph factor, based on every project requirements.
Our clientele ranges from photographers, art directors, advertising agencies, brand managers, corporate houses and eCommerce organizations.

Our digital photo retouching service includes:

  • Face and body makeover
  • Beauty touch-up and makeup correction
  • Glamour / Fashion / Model photo effects
  • Wedding / Birthday / Christmas effects
  • Selective colorization
  • Glamour photo shot correction
  • Sharpen, brighten and enhance contrast
  • Body slimming, face, arm, or legs reshaping
  • Blemish and braces removal
  • Creative blurring
  • Skin smoothening
  • Collage & creative framing
  • Reduction of facial lines
  • Eyes enhancement - change eye color, remove red eye & beautification
  • Removal of moles, acne, freckles & birthmarks
  • Removal of laugh lines & wrinkles
  • Remove tattoos
  • Skin discoloration repair
  • Custom photo montage
  • Unwanted object removal
  • Change background
  • Reconstruct, blur or remove picture background
  • Add or remove people/objects from the images
  • Add or remove text from photographs

Why ComLand Design's picture retouching service is a good option:
We specialize in manual photo retouching. Using automated digital programs to perform the photo retouch work can be a cheaper option, but the results you get have a very low quality. Our professionals working on your photographs have a better eye to detail and can deliver unique work to your specifications.
Another reason why our clients rate our photo retouching service as one to the best service available is our services have a high value for money. For one, we offer a low price of our services and secondly, the turnaround time is as promised. For some really quick jobs, we can deliver the project in straight 12 hrs of time.

Photo Enhancement Services

For a magic touch to your pictures, you can avail digital image enhancement services. We help you improve your photographs, often beyond what you thought is possible. We utilize latest software tools to achieve the desired results for your digital photo enhancement needs. In the world of showbiz, actors and models are treated almost as idols. Magazines and newspapers are loaded with glitterati and glossy advertisements to turn all the attention to them. Minutest flaws in the appearance can cause great chaos in their fans. Skillful hands at image enhancement help you bring out the full potential of your photographs.
Our picture enhancement service includes:

  • Color & Contrast Correction- This includes adjusting brightness, contrast, density, color balance & saturation, adding lighting effects etc.
  • Changing Backgrounds- In order to bring focus on key elements of a picture, we can remove distracting elements from the background or replace them entirely with white, blue, client-defined or more appropriate background.
  • Image Cropping & Removing Noise: This includes extracting unwanted elements from the image such as removing logo, signature etc.
  • Glamorization- Our graphic artists are skilled digital make-up artists to not only remove unwanted elements but enhance eyes, features, figure etc and make the picture look extremely stunning. This also includes fixing hair, skin, clothes, adding smooth edges, removing small blemishes, wrinkles, sunburn, acne, spots, dark circles etc.
  • Adding filters- We can also add filters to correct hue, enhance saturation, increase color and result in improved modulation transfer function.
  • Density Correction- SunTec team uses Adobe Photoshop software as well as proprietary techniques for density correction in digital images.
  • Red Eye Removal
  • Airbrushing
  • Lens Correction
  • Perspective Correction

Photo Restoration Services

Our processes are very effective and extremely versatile and have no effect on the original photographs.

Scanning - We are open to receiving print version of your photographs in case high resolution scanner are not available to you. It is advisable to use minimum 600 dpi scanners for the best result possible. You can also use a camera to photograph them and email us those digitized photographs for further processing.
Color Correction - This includes adjusting hue, saturation, lightness, color balance etc. If you need pictures in true color, we'll maintain the color but correct the same for imbalances occurred due to aging and mishandling.
Bring Sharpness & Detailing - Among other things, at times we receive photographs with extremely damaged clothes and body organs such as hands, face etc. For such photographs we have to first clean-up the entire picture for color correction and further reconstruct organs, body parts and blend the entire thing together for uniformity and smooth transition.
Redesigning the Presentation - Once the entire digital photo restoration work is done, we can provide an additional redesign service to make your pictures more presentable and usable. This includes creating collage, adding borders or providing further detailing (such as creating vignettes-isolated or soft framed subjects) to emphasize on one or more subjects.
Handling Antique Photo Restoration - Specializing in antique and modern digital photo restoration, we understand the value of your antique photographs covering political, organizational, national or family heritage.

So, if you are a genealogist, a historian or just maintaining your family tree, we have answers to all your questions. Drop us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a fast and professional photo restoration work.

We are always in the lookout to create new bonds. To satisfy our first time clients, we offer a free preview of our photo retouch services. You can send us up to three photographs to do the sample job and stay assured of the rest. Get in touch at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  to avail best of the services available.