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Data Recovery Services

Most people have hundreds if not thousands of critical and irreplaceable files including documents, pictures and music stored on their desktop computer. Your desktop computer hard disk drive can crash at any time, and generally does when it is most inconvienient. When you experience a hard disk drive crash, ComLand Design has computer data recovery professionals available to help you recover your desktop as quickly as possible. ComLand Design offers a wide array of data recovery services to fit your needs.

How we recover data files?

First, let's talk about what a data (or program) file really is.

Your computer understands only binary code: a string of ones and zeros. Early computers grouped these patterns into 3-bit octal digits, making them easier to read and write. More modern computers group them into 4-bit groups of hex codes, and speak generally about 8-bit groups, called bytes. Memory, data files and messages are described as being kilobytes (kB), megabytes (MB), or sometimes even gigabytes (GB) in size. But it's all just strings on ones and zeros to your computer.

A program or data file is a specific grouping of bytes, with a particular length, or size. When you save a file to your hard drive, the operating system (OS) finds an available group of sectors and writes the file as a set of 256-, 512-, or 1024-byte chunks, depending on the drive's sector size.

data recovery hard diskThe OS then writes the address of the sector where the file begins, its name, length, date, etc., into the drive's directory. When you open that file, the OS reads the directory, matches the file name, and gets each block of data from the beginning. When you delete a file, the directory entry is removed and the sectors that it occupied are marked free, but the data remains written on the disk. If you create a new file, however, there is a possibility that it will occupy some or all of those sectors, overwriting their contents. In that case, the file's data is lost forever. If you stop what you are doing, there is a possibility that the data may be recovered, but it must be done by a highly skilled engineers using very sophisticated softwares. We find what seems to be a complete data file in a stream of free sectors. A new file directory entry can be constructed that maps that stream of sectors, and the file is recovered. Always remember that the odds of recovery can be slim, and that taking precautions against a virus is by far the easiest pathway.

 ComLand Design provides complete hard drive recovery to recover data from inaccessible or damaged storage devices. Recovery can be done from all brands (like Western Digital, Seagate, Maxtor, Samsung, Toshiba etc.) and interfaces (such as IDE, EIDE, SATA, SCSI, SAS, FC, FireWire and USB etc.) of the hard drive. Disk drive data loss problem can be divided into two major categories which are described as follows:

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Logical Problems

Corrupted file system  Virus attack  Corrupted File Allocation Tables (FATS)  Corrupted Master File Tables Formatted Disk DriveFile  System Damage  Loss of Password  Metadata Structure Damage, MBR (Master Boot Record) Corruption  Deleted File  Partition/Volume Corruption

Physical Problems

Clicking noise due to mechanical failure  Electrical failure Misalignment of Read/Write Heads  Damaged Heads Dropped or flooded drives  Bad Sectors on disk drives platters  Disk Drive not being recognized by bios etc.

You can easily find out if your hard disk drive is experiencing any problem. A very common sign is an unusual sound such as grinding, clicking, scratching etc. This means either your disk drive is failed or is about to fail. You need to take special care at this point. Sometimes, the disk drive will give you some time to back up your data. Please take is seriously and back up your data as soon as possible. In some case, the Bios does not recognizes the disk drive. This is another example of physical damage to hard drive. Please do not keep trying rebooting you computer as this will further damage the hard disk drive.

Disk data recovery is a very complex process, which requires experienced Disk Data Recovery Technicians and specially designed software tools to recover data. We at ComLand Design possess the both. Our highly experienced disk data recovery staff is equipped with state of the art software tools specially designed to work for disk data recovery.

 Please note: Not all data loss situations are recoverable and not all data recoveries are successful, regardless of the company, media or method used.