• The information below also answers many of the frequently asked questions a new client has: +

  • What is a domain / web address? +

    A domain name is the name (and address) of your web site. For example, our domain is "comland-design.com" Your domain name should mirror your business name as close as possible to make it easy for people to remember. Each domain name can be used only once, so most common names are taken already. We will research your choices for an available domain name and assist you with suggestions. Currently, you can use up to 67 characters in a domain name. Only letters, numbers and hyphens are allowed. The cost for registering a new domain and yearly renewal is betwen £2 and £24 depending of domain extension (com, co, co.uk, eu, biz, info etc). Note: We usually recommend to new clients to let us register their domain for them. There is specific information that needs to be entered and some of that cannot be easily changed after the registration. It is also important for you to know that your domain should be registered in YOUR name so that you legally own that domain. ComLand Design always register a domain in the client name (with ComLand Design as a technical contact to allow us to handle maintenance and troubleshooting).
  • What is a web site content? +

    Your pages should contain descriptive, concise text. We will work with your written introduction and product information to develop content for your site that highlights your unique attributes and offerings.
  • What represent images and graphics? +

    Retaining visual quality, we optimize your photos and graphics to provide the best balance of fast download speed and highest quality. Page backgrounds, navigation, text and buttons, and small touchups to the photos or graphics, supplied by you, are included in the web site package.
  • What means navigation? +

    It is imperative to make the site intuitive to navigate. You shouldn't make people think too hard when they visit your site. If people don't see how to get to what they need quickly they will leave. We carefully design navigational elements so that users can easily maneuver and immediately proceed to the information they are seeking. We design pages that are user friendly.
  • Other Related Questions +

  • Do you have a standard pricing package for websites? +

    No. We understand that every customer has unique website requirements, and customize quotes accordingly. Quotes are based primarily on the complexity of the design and content development, so prices are always calculated on an individual project basis. We provide you with a comprehensive written website proposal, including a no-obligation quote after our free initial consultation.
  • How long will it take to design my new website? +

    We can complete simple websites within two weeks of receiving information. However, for websites that have a higher level of complexity, we tend to allocate four to six weeks for completion.
  • Will my website appear in search engines like Google? +

    We will submit your website to the major free search engines (such as Google, Yahoo and Bing) as a part of our standard development process. We optimize your website for keywords provided by you and after submission, we can review your rankings for these keywords. We can also discuss your options for organic search engine optimization and paid search engine listings.
  • What turnaround times can I expect for website maintenance? +

    We usually complete minor updates within 48 hours. Major changes are scheduled into our development timetable for a time agreed with you.
  • What are paid search engine listings? +

    Google, Yahoo, and Bing provide paid listings in the Sponsored Links area of their search engine. We can assist you with planning your Pay Per Click marketing programs.
  • What is orgainc SEO (search engine optimization)? +

    Organic SEO is the act of optimizing or improving a page so that it appears higher in the natural search engine results. Our carefully configured methodology has had an incredible success on the top major search engines for our website and our Clients.
  • About consultations, meetings and communication +

  • I'm not in your area. Do we need to meet? +

    We do business all across the UK. There is no requirement that we meet.
  • Will you come to our office to meet? +

    If you are within 30 miles of Portsmouth, Hampshire, and you are getting a custom web design or redesign, we would be happy to come to your office for a free initial consultation.
  • Can I drop in to your office later today to talk about my website? +

    Sorry, all initial consultations must be scheduled in advance.
  • Can we meet again to talk about my website some more? +

    In order to keep our prices low, we have to manage our time efficiently. We offer free initial in-person consultations for custom design projects and custom redesign projects. Other requests or questions can be handled via email or the telephone. If another meeting is still desired, we would be happy to book a session for consulting or training services. The rate is £50 per hour for these services.
  • About Website Domain Names +

  • How do I get a domain name? +

    We can register one for you.
  • What domain name should I get? +

    There are lots of opinions out there about what makes a good domain name. For companies desiring strong brand management, it makes sense to register the company name as the domain name, such as ComLand Design. Some companies care more about developing a niche market; in those cases, it makes sense to get a domain name that's memorable and relevant, such as "CuteKidsBeds.net"
  • I heard that short domain names are better than long ones. Should I use abbreviations? +

    We recommend you only use abbreviations if they are very logical. For example, Smith Industries Incorporated may do well with SmithInc.com, SmithIndustries.com, or even SmithIndustriesInc.com. However, we believe SmithIndInc.com would not be as good a choice because having the public remember the unusual abbreviation would overshadow the benefit of using a short domain name.
  • About Our Website Design +

  • How does the custom web design process work? +

    We start with an interview to determine what you're looking for. Then a designer will create a graphic mockup of what we intend for the design to look like. At that stage, you will have the opportunity to give feedback, and the designer may make additional modifications to the look of the site. Once you have approved the look of the site, then we will proceed with converting the mockup into an actual website.
  • How do I know you can create the style I want? +

    If you're after a very specific look, find any site on the world wide web that conveys the look you're after. We'll review the sample site and let you know if our designers can create a comparable look.
  • About Website Content +

  • Who will write the content for my website? +

    You know your business better than we do. You will write the text for each of your web pages and send it to us via email.
  • But I ain't good with grammar! +

    We do have proof-readers available for a small surcharge of £15 per page.
  • What if I need more help than that? +

    We have professional writers available who can call to interview you or your staff and then provide you with keyword-rich website text.
  • Can I use the text from this other website I like? +

    In most cases, copying text from another website is a copyright infringement. Writing your own text is a good idea. However, in some cases, it may make sense for you to get written approval from another source to use their text.
  • Where will you get the photos that you use in the design of the site? +

    We have access to royalty-free or paid photos that we can purchase for use in your design. In some cases, a suitable photo may not be available through other sources, and we may need a specific photo from you.
  • Where will you get the photos that you use in the content area of my site along with my text? +

    If you would like photos to accompany the text in your website's content area, please email them to us.
  • What if I don't have any good photos to use? +

    If you don't wish to take the photos yourself, we do have photographers available, starting at £100 per hour. Another option is to purchase royalty-free photos.
  • Can I use the photos I found on another website? +

    In most cases, copying photos from another website is a copyright infringement. Taking your own photos or purchasing royalty-free photos is a good idea. However, in some cases, it may make sense for you to get written approval from another source to use their photos.
  • About Website Functionality +

  • I want to sell items on my website. How do I do that? +

    There are several options for selling items online, and the price tag and difficulty vary with each option. E-Commerce, ZenCard, Magento are few solutions.
  • I need a very specific function. Can you do that? +

    We have top-quality programmers available. Just let us know what you're after. Our programmers can provide a ballpark estimate for free. If you wish to move forward, there may be a surcharge to develop a detailed project requirements document and exact price.
  • About Price +

  • Why is there such a difference in prices offered by different web designers? +

    There lots of factors involved in web design:• Overhead - Some companies have big fancy offices and lots of staff to pay for. They may have to charge higher prices to cover their expenses.• Quality - Beginners web designers usually know enough to create a site, but they don't know what they don't know. A high quality site should work well on different monitor resolutions, different browser types and devices. They should be search engine-friendly with clean, validated coding.
  • Are you saying you get what you pay for? +

    Actually, finding a good web designer means you have to look at more than just price. Some expensive companies may do poor work, and some exceptionally talented designers may not charge a lot. So in addition to price, make sure you review examples of the company's work. Talk to a representative and see how professional he/she is. And there's even a validation tool you can use that's provided by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) to see how many coding errors the company's site generates.
  • About Hosting +

  • What is website hosting? +

    Every website in the world has to be hosted somewhere. This means that all of the electronic files that make up your website reside on a special computer server so that any time of the day or night, people can access your website from the server. They are not trying to access your personal computer. You can think of your hosting fees as being like renting space on the computer server.
  • What is disk space? +

    When you host your website, you are paying for space on the computer server where your website files sit. The term disk space refers to how much space on the server you are allowed to take up. Many small websites may use only 5 to 25 megabytes of space.
  • What is bandwidth or transfer or a traffic allowance? +

    When you host your website, it uses resources every time someone visits your site. The terms bandwidth, transfer, and traffic allowance are often used interchangeably to refer to the amount of data that can be carried from one point to another in a given time period. In other words, if your hosting company doesn't give you enough bandwidth, and you have a ton of people visit your site, your site may become unavailable. Many small websites may use only 200 or so megabytes of space.
  • About Maintenance +

  • What do you mean by website maintenance? +

    When we use the term website maintenance, we're talking about making updates to your website content.
  • Do I have to sign up for a plan for that? What if I don't think I'll be making any updates to my website? +

    If your business doesn't change much, you may be able to include all the information necessary without worrying about it getting out-of-date for a long time. Be sure to word things in such a way that won't easily become dated. For example, the text on our website lets people know that ComLand Design has been in business since 2008. This statement will always be accurate. If we told people we've been in business for five or ten years, that would become dated in a year's time.
  • What if I think I'll only need to make updates once in a long while? +

    If that's the case, you may wish to contact us or any quality web designer to have some work done by the hour. Hourly rates may be higher than flat rate projects or maintenance plans, but most quality web designers will give you a free quote for the work you need done. At ComLand Design, we charge an off-the-shelf hourly rate of £50.00, but our minimum order is only a half hour, or £25. So if you just need a phone number, a price, or a photo changed out, it's still pretty economical.
  • What if I want to have a web designer update my site regularly? +

    In that case, you may want to consider one of our web maintenance plans. The plans start at £20.00 per month for up to a half hour of updates to your site each month. A half hour is enough time to add about five photos or a few paragraphs of text. We will never go over your allotted time unless you request us to do so. Then we will give you a quote and you will be charged a reduced hourly rate.
  • What if I want to be able to update my site myself? +

    In that case, you may want to consider a Content Management System (CMS). This is a system that will allow you to login with a username and password to update the text or photos in certain locations on your website. It can be set up in a way that can prevent you from accidentally messing up the header area, the footer area, the navigation area, etc. At ComLand Design, we offer a content management system for our a one-time setup fee of £300.00 for a single user license. This system does require that we host your website, so that we can ensure the program is set up and working properly on the server.
  • Can I add photos to the site using the CMS? +

    Yes, the licensed version of the CMS allows you to add photos to the content area of your site. 
  • Can I add more pages to the site using the CMS? +

    The standard CMS allow you to add pages to the site. A webmaster would need to assist you in adding pages to the site. If you need to regularly add pages to the site, please contact us to discuss other options.
  • We have different people in our organization who are responsible for updating different information on the site. Do we all need to use the same login for the CMS? +

    We do have an option for a multi-user CMS that assigns each login to a section of the website he/she can update. The multi-user CMS is available for a one-time setup fee of £750.
  • I didn't get my website from your company. Can I still use your CMS or your web maintenance plans? +

    Sorry, but due to the unusual setups and quality variances we find in websites created by other companies, we are not accepting CMS jobs for websites we did not create. But we can redesign your website to be able to use all features.
  • How long does it take to get a custom website? +

    We have a two weeks guarantee on both the mockup stage and the build stage. Keep in mind that excessive changes to the look of the site during the mockup stage can cause delays. Also, projects are often delayed if a client cannot provide the content in a timely manner. Please see our Terms of Service for details.
  • About Our Guarantee +

  • What do you mean when you say that Satisfaction is Guaranteed? +

    We will work with you to make sure you are satisfied: The design process begins with an interview so we know what you want. The designer then provides a graphic mockup of what we intend for the site to look like. You get a chance to provide feedback to get the look you want. We complete the build only after your approval. Please see our Terms of Service for details.
  • About Payment +

  • What types of payment do you accept? +

    Checks, Bank Transfer, Western Union, MoneyGram and PayPal.
  • What are your payment policies for the website setup fees? +

    One-half of the initial website design and development fees are due upon project initiation. Upon project completion, the remaining balance is due in full within five business days. Once the remaining balance is paid in full, the completed website will be moved from the staging server so the website will go live. At that time, we'll also register the your site with Google, Yahoo, and Bing search engines.
  • Is there anything else I should know about payments? +

    Yes, some clients choose special features or functions from outside vendors. Keep in mind that third party vendors may have different payment policies. We cannot be responsible for third party vendor policies or procedures.
  • About Search Engines +

  • Do you guarantee my site will rank well with search engines? +

    Most every client would like his/her website to rank high in search engine results for selected keywords, yet search engine results are determined by a multitude of constantly changing factors, third party search engines, and the amount and quality of competition on the world wide web. So we can't absolutely guarantee your site will rank well in search engines, and no responsible company would offer such a guarantee. However, we do guarantee that we'll use search-engine friendly techniques when we build your site. For example, we'll add keywords in the title bar at the top of the browser, the meta tags in the hidden coding behind the scenes, and alternate text behind some images. If you want to supply these keyword selections for us, that's fine. We'll change them out for you once for no additional charge. If you want more changes or additional work done, we can give you a quote and bill you at the standard hourly rate.
  • About Our Privacy Policy +

  • Are you going to sell my email address to spammers? +

    We hate spam just as much as you do! We will never share your information with third parties unless required to do so by law or requested by you. The information we collect from you will be used to maintain your services with us and to represent the quality of our work to others, such as in our online portfolio. We like to publish our customers' feedback, but we obtain permission first.
  • About Our Terms of Service +

  • What about hidden fees or difficult terms? +

    We have no hidden fees or difficult terms. We have an easy-to-read Terms of Service document that gives more details about how we operate. It's based on trust, professionalism, and common sense.
  • Ask Another Question +

  • My question wasn't answered here. How do I get more help? +

    Contact Us to ask any other question you may have.
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ComLand Design is an IT young, dinamic and creative team, but with over 12 years experience in the development of design services. In addition, we provide consulting, maintenance and updating. Many companies offer website design and if you asked ten of your work colleague's you'd probably find someone that could do "website design". However, many web design companies build websites without ever thinking about the bigger picture; who will be viewing the website, can they find what they want and will it be a positive experience for the end user. Additionally website designers can often forget about search engine optimisation (SEO) and website usability which are now fundamental parts of the website design process.

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We deliver on our promises. We hit our deadlines, stay on budget, and manage your project with precision. Our approach toward marketing ensures that you aren't surprised by either the final product or the final bill and accessible sites tested across platforms and browsers.

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